cRoom equipment shelters acts as a safeguard for processes and operations

The cRoom equipment shelter is a high-quality and cost-effective package - an equipment room that protects, secures and enables stable processes and operations.

cRooms are technical equipment shelters that are designed according to the requirements of the operating environment and the technology to be installed inside.

Palvelu laajenee tarpeen mukaan laitteistojen asennussuunnitteluun ja asentamiseen sekä käyttöönottoon. Suunnittelu ja asennuspalvelut ovat keskeinen osa cRoom -palvelulupausta, joka varmistaa oikea-aikaisen ja sisältöisen toimituksen käyttökohteeseen.

Croom -laitetilojen valmistus.

CRoom shelters are designed and manufactured in our own factory in Mikkeli, Finland. cRoom shelters are manufactured by Harri Haavikko Ltd

cRoom equipment shelters provide protection and security for various industries to maintain and secure their operations.

cRoom equipment shelters provide protection and security for various industries to maintain and secure their operations.

We offer innovative facilities designed to provide comprehensive protection and security for a wide range of operators. With an emphasis on operational integrity and security, they are the ideal solution for critical aspects of your business, even in the most demanding environments.

cRoom equipment shelters in practice

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Operators and telecoms

Teleshelters protect base stations, antennas and network components from environmental factors and ensure uninterrupted communications services.

Electricity generation

Electricity distribution equipment, instrumentation and control systems are often located in equipment shelters in power generation and utility industries. cRooms protect critical components from weather damage and ensure reliable power delivery.

Industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing plants use equipment shelters to protect machinery, automation systems and production line components. Equipment shelters help maintain consistent operating conditions and minimise the risk of production disruptions.

Transport infrastructure

Protection of critical systems connected to railways and airports, such as traffic management, control and communication systems. Equipment shelters plays an important role in maintaining the functionality and security of transport networks.

Gas and process industry

In refineries, equipment shelters protect control systems, measuring instruments and monitoring equipment. Protecting these vital components ensures the reliability and safety of oil and gas operations.


The defence forces may use equipment shelters to protect communications systems, radar equipment, electronic warfare equipment and other critical technology.

Remote monitoring

Shelters are important for monitoring stations, weather stations and remote monitoring systems. They provide a stable environment for sensitive instruments and ensure accurate data collection and reliable monitoring.

Securing communications

Shelters can be equipped with advanced communication and computer systems that allow for efficient data transfer and equipment control. This is particularly important in industries with a need for real-time information and communication.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature and climate control is another important technical aspect of equipping equipment shelters. Many equipment and systems need precisely controlled conditions to function optimally. Temperature control and ventilation systems ensure that equipment operates at stable temperatures and humidity conditions.


Physical protection and security are also important elements of the technical equipment of shelters. This can include access control systems, alarm systems and video surveillance to prevent unauthorised access and protect equipment from theft or damage.

Securing electricity supply

Backup power and power supply systems are critical to the technical equipment of shelters, especially in situations where a power failure could cause serious disruption. Efficient backup power systems ensure a continuous supply of power to equipment, minimising interruptions and maintaining equipment operation.

Temperature control

Cooling systems also play an important role. Many devices can overheat, which can lead to malfunctions or damage. Efficient equipment shelter cooling systems, such as air conditioning and refrigeration systems, keep temperatures under control and ensure the longevity of equipment.

cRoom equipment shelters - Equipping for the desired result

Shelters are an integral part of many industries, and their technical equipment is a key factor in their functionality, performance and safety.

The technical design and equipment of equipment shelters allow for a wide range of applications and significantly improve the protection and efficiency of equipment.

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Certified operations with quality and environment in mind 

We want to offer our customers quality products with respect to our environment, so our operations are certified and thus meet the requirements of the international ISO standards for operations, quality and environmental issues.