CRoom shelters for sensitive equipment as turnkey solution from Finland.

Lifecycle service and cost awareness from planning, production, instrumentation, delivery, operation support to midlife upgrades.

Production, instrumentation and delivery. Shelters, sockles and special constructions

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Croom -laitetila

cRoom is quality product with low lifecycle costs. cRoom is developed and produced in Finland.

cRoom equipment shelters. We plan and produce shelters according to client needs and specifications.

We offer turnkey solutions; initial mapping of needs, planning, production, instrumentation and installations, delivery and shelter installation at the customer.

cRoom shekters are designed and implemented by Harri Haavikko Oy.

We plan and delivery shelters as turn key service or as empty shelters for customer to do instrumentation and installations by its self.

cRoom shelters fit well for demanding environments and delivery projects. Tailored solutions will cover most tough requirments. 

cRoom shelters are fitted for purpose! Competitive factors are low weight, long spans, strong element structure, hermetic, fire safe, movability, reusable and recyclable.

We equipment shelters according to client needs and processes.

Equipmentation and installations are designed by the customer needs and proved over the planning processes with customer. In mapping and planning process we will cover climet control, electricity, automation, telecommunication, plumming and customer specific machinery and equipments.

Each specific shelter comes with its own manual and maintenance procedures to be assured its low cost- and trouble-free lifecycle.

Delivery edge is always negotiated with the client.

Delivery edge is always negotiated with the client. When needed, our turnkey solution will take care of all the construction site work needed.

Ready to rock shelter solutions from one supplier!

cRoom equipment shelters 2022

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