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cRoom - Equipment Shelters
cRoom Equipment Shelters
Made in Finland
cRoom patented wall construction
Patented wall structure
cRoom Equipment Shelters

cRoom - Equipment shelters for
changing industrial needs

cRoom control room units are technical units assembled from high-quality materials that represent a new type of space solution for the needs of industrial. cRoom – equipment shelders with patented structure are inexpensive and high quality units.
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cRoom – equipment shelder can be used in almost any site where a space solution is needed for technical implementation.

Kotimainen laitila ja sähkökeskus

cRoom wall structure uses a high-quality patented sandwich panel for a high quality finish.


Energy and cost effective implementation that adapts to the needs of the industry.
Made in Finland.

Paloturvallinen laitetila

Even larger cRoom equipment shelters are easy to move and can be moved from one location to another as needed.

Equipment shelter features

Ekologinen ja kotimainen

Low energy consumption in manufacture and patented wall structure materials are recyclable.

Kosteuttava hylkivä seinärakenne
For demanding use

Self-supporting structure that does not absorb moisture. Suitable for food industry. Very lightweight construction and good thermal insulation.

Kotimainen laitetila
Made in Finland

Quality made in Finland. Long-lasting equipment shelder is an ecological choice with a small carbon footprint.

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