We implement equipment shelters for all sites

A company whose main products are CRoom shelters. 

With us, you get a full-service facility in one place. Design, production, equipment and delivery. We also provide in-service service and maintenance.

Suunnittelemme ja toteutamme laitetilat alusta loppuun asiakkaan tarpeet huomioiden. Mallistomme kattaa laajasti eri toimijoiden tarpeet teleoperaattoreista raideliikenteeseen. Me pystymme tarjoamaan asiakkaalle aina halutunlaisen lopputuloksen. Yksittäiset laitetilat tai sarjat valmistettuna ja varusteltuna. 

More information about the main company: www.harrihaavikko.fi

Yritys joka toteuttaa laitetilat - Croom ja Harri Haavikko Oy.

Certified quality and performance 

Our operations are of high quality with respect to the environment and as a sign of this we have been awarded ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management certificates. 

Yritys jonka toiminta on sertifioitua. cRoom -laitetilat.

Contractor's rights and permits

We also have S1 contracting rights and 3kg refrigerant permits.

The company and our operations in figures


More than 200 shelters delivered by the end of 2023. In the coming years, numbers and capacity will grow rapidly.


There are about 30 staff and a few more vacancies. Places are always open for good professionals.


We develop our facilities while our industrial services (service & maintenance) support our business. 

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