Croom -laitetila

We have designed and developed an intelligent equipment shelter which are the solution to the needs of the industrial space.

cRoom – equipment shelters are technical units assembled from high-quality materials that represent a new type of solution for the needs of industrial hardware. Applied facilities with patented structure are inexpensive and high quality units.

Appliance space is used in a construction site site that requires a container, central inverter, control room, site cabinet, storage cabinet, mobile work space, telecommunications facility, warehouse or social facilities.

cRoom is an energy-efficient and cost-effective package that adapts to your requirements. The unit can be equipped, for example, with a switchboard, automation and process control, staff social facilities, etc.

In addition to the technical features of cRoom, Device Space is a safe, environmentally friendly and affordable package.


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cRoom equipment shelters brochure in english.

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cRoom equipment shelters technical info and applications.

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