Salomo great fit for small purpose

Salomon is designed for gastations as an electrical shelter or for industries to accomondate computer etc. to register in and perform documentation (truck scales, etc).

Salomo shelter often is delivered with socle that also works as a cabel well. Delivery and installation time of the shelter is only from 1 h  – 2 h even with excavations for the plinth included it will take maximum a day.

Shelters are designed and manufactured by Harri Haavikko Oy.

Laitesuoja, polttoaineen jakelu

Salomo shelter in a nutshell

Shelter into tight spaces and small shelter needs.

All you need in small package. Ready to play just drop and rock.

Personalice our own space

Shelter can be spect out to meet your brand or vision of future. We are willing to meet your reguirments.

Accessories for Salomon

In small space we manage to offer great deal of operational space. Capel well offers that extra convenience and functionality to have an well operating shelter over its lifespan.

Cost effective protection

Durable, functional and high quality. Long-lasting equipment shelter brings cost savings in the longer term.

Salomo references

Salomo technical specifications


  • Outer width 2,4m
  • Outer depth1,2m
  • Outer hight (max, with socle) 3,4m
  • Inside hight(minimum) 2,2m
  • Surface area 2,9 m²
  • K-Value 0,39
  • Fire Class P3 / EI 30

Sandwich panel construction

  • Wooden frame
  • Outer surface sheet metal
  • Inner surface plywood 9 mm with laminated white surface
  • 68 mm insulation
  • Color from RR- or RAL -color maps


Electicity, lightning, climate control, cabel ways cut throughs. Custom made installation by the specific needs.

Got interested?

Contact us and let´s figure out fit for your purpose.

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