Turvalaitetila Tonga

Safety shelter Tonga

Tonga safety shelter is specifically designed for railroad infrastructure needs.

Tonga shelter meets railroad standards and it can be tailored to a turnkey solution. We also offer delivery and installation for our products.

Shelters are designed and manufactured by Harri Haavikko Oy.

Räätälöity laitetila

Safety shelter Tonga briefly

Tonga is designed to protect railroad infrastructure

Tonga will give protection for vandalism, nature forces (heat, cold, humidity, etc.) and railroad operational forces (flutter etc.)

Design like no other

We offer multible basic designs and if needed, we can meet your architects plans. Common for all designs is quality and the level of detailing. From our recerences you can get a hint of what we can deliver.

Endless tailoring possibilities

Accessories from graffite protection, heating, cooling, humidity control, electricity and automation. We will go through our customers processes and needs to understand how to serve you the best.

Done by the standards

Tonga safety shelter meets all the regulations and standards. We will closely take into account each country’s regulations also. Shelter will be delivered with CE marking, all the documentation and reports.

Tonga references

Technical specs of shelter Tonga


  • Outer width 3,24m
  • Outer depth 2,2m
  • Outer hight (max, with socle) 2,5m
  • Inside hight(minimum) 2,2m
  • Surface area 6 m²
  • K-Value 0,29
  • Fire Class P1 / EI 60

Sandwich panel construction

  • Steel frame
  • Outer surface sheet metal
  • Inner surface sheet metal
  • 100 mm insulation
  • Color from RR- or RAL -color maps


Electicity, lightning, climate control, cabel ways cut throughs. Custom made installation by the specific needs.

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