Croom -laitetila

Shelters for industry

cRoom shelters are cost effective and high-quality product and service from Finland. 

cRoom shelters are designed to be rugged option for high demanding environments. cRoom offers superior strength and protection, climet control and eazy of handeling. Products are design purpose minded, not by the standars of containers for example.

Our focus is to serve the client and offer best solution available to have and maintain smooth operation of processes. 

Shelters are designed and manufactured by Harri Haavikko Oy.

Croom equipment shelters

Benefits of cRoom shelters

Light but strong construction

Fast to install and relocate. Mobility and easy to transport.

One stop shopping

Smooth planning and installation of all equiment at one place.

Hermetic core

Neither humidity nor frost or heat destructing valuable equipment in the shelter.

Operational and lifecycle benefits

Maintenance and outage with minimum downtime of operations.

cRoom models 2023

Shelter Salomo

Designed for gasstation environment.

Works also well as pump cabin or registeration room for truckers to entry loads at gate.

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Telecommunication shelter Samoa

Telecommunication shelter with plenty of space to accommodate multiple operators.

Works well as general shelter for any type of technical instrumentation.

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Telecommunication shelter Manua

Telecommunication shelter for 1-2 operators.

Als this works well as general shelter for any type of technical instrumentation.

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Electric shelter Marshall

Electrical cabin for transformers, swiches, etc.

Can be differed greatly by its size and equipmentation. For special needs it can be stacked on top of each other.

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Safety shelter Tonga

Ror the protection of rail traffic.

Safety shelter specially designed for railroad command and transformer applications.

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Tailor made shelters

When only the best is enough.

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Laitetilat, cRoom

Patented self-supporting sandwich structure

Shelters are made using patented sandwich structure method. Technique enables to build self-supporting structures with out outer or inner framing, flooring, roofing. Technic also allows spans up to 5 m without visible supports like roof trusses.

Sandwich panel holds hidden frame structure that can be metal, wood, composite etc.

Surfaces are commonly sheetmetals, wood, composites panels, fiberclass etc.

Main insulator material are polystyren, polyurethan, glassfoam. Thigness of panels is 30 – 240 mm. Multilayer sandwich panels can be done and that allows to increase thigness further more. Single panel size without seems can be up to 4 m x 15 m.

Energy effiency structure k-value is from 0,12-0,6.

Fire proof constructure. Standard structures can offer fire classes P1-P3, RE30-RE60, REI15

Self-supporting sandwich structures 50 mm starts at 5-7 kg/m².

Structural benefits.:

  • Self-supporting
  • Light weight construction and as a whole shelter over all weight 40-60 % lighter to its competitors
  • Suitable for clean environments
  • Won´t soak water/ humidity
  • Hermetic structure
  • Arch structures can be done
  • Good thermal insulation capapilities
  • Thermal expansion can be limited as whole unit
  • Ecological
  • Low carbon
  • Recyclable
  • 40 year lifespan
  • Can be lifted from the roof

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